Impairment Assessment

With more than a decade of a ‘platform as a service‘ via our subsidiaries we have assessed claims with billions (ZAR)

  • Our assessments are based on the latest science and evidence

  • Your client’s comfort and comprehensive assessment is our priority

  • All assessments are done by active medical professionals who are up to date with medical advances

  • All assessments done in series to save time. In most cases all can be done in a single day!

Disability Quantification

Disability and functional capacity assessments are done by a diverse set of relevant experts to ensure the most complete reports

  • We understand and empathise with the needs of your client/patient.

  • Our whole person assessments take into account the individual in the home, work, family and society

  • The injuries can cause more than direct disability and impairments, and we know how to report on it.

  • Integrity and innovation are a part of our culture. We ensure that we use the latest technologies to assess.

Cloud-based records

Records management using AI and RPA streamline services and limited delays in assessments

  • We are as serious about confidentiality as you are

  • Cloud based records ensure real-time availability
  • Our servers use AI and Robotic process automation to ensure 99.99% accuracy in tracking

Actuarial calculations

Most medico-legal claims require the services of actuaries to quantify losses

  • Our actuaries are independent and experienced

  • More than 20 000 personal injury claims calculations experience

  • Our actuaries can provide comprehensive consulting and advice on assessments and reports.

Case Managers

All of your matters are managed by seasoned professionals

  • Regular updates on assessments

  • Empathetic support in the entire process


All required assessments in one team

  • Our specialist have extensive medico-legal and clinical experience

  • Fast and efficient reporting